Tuesday, 26th September 2017
Stainless Steels

Pickling and Passivating Stainless Steels


Stainless Steel

Before (2 x 4.4 tonne Duplex gas pipeline manifolds)

Stainless Steel

After: (Mission critical components - material integrity carefully restored for a long& safe service life by Metapic Ltd) 

High Quality Treatment

Stainless steel pickling is the most common pickling process used at Metapic‚Äôs facility. The most common application for stainless steel pickling is to ‚Äú pickle / passivate ‚ÄĚ. This is a one-step process which removes heat tint and weld scale while simultaneously passivating the surface of the parts being processed. Most customers are surprised to find out that pickling also accomplishes passivation. However, where required by our customers, Metapic will pickle and passivate in two complete and separate steps.

The importance of pickling, passivating and cleaning Stainless Steel cannot be stressed enough. These processes remove rusts, heat scales, weld contamination and can detect faults in the product. Furthermore, stainless steel can acquire surface contamination even in non-corrosive environments. Therefore, the possibility of corrosion is greatly reduced and the life of the treated stainless steel increased. Metapic procedures are generally in acordance with ASTM A380.

Significant Added Value

In relation to the material and labour costs incurred by stainless steel production, the relatively low additional cost of pickling is insignificant. Yet without this important proccess the integrity of the product is likely to be seriously deminished in the future.